Teen Camp

Sunday, June 30-Thursday, july 4


God is!

“I am that I am.” Ex 3:14


About Camp

Teen Camp is a rare opportunity for teens to put aside distractions and allow themselves to focus entirely on God. During this time away, we create an atmosphere through worship, biblical teaching and team building activities where teens feel comfortable expressing and growing in their faith. Each year is always different than the last as teens have their own personal experience with God, hearing from Him and and bringing their relationship with the Father to a new level. Through the years, Teen Camp positively impacted teens who attended. It is a time they look back to and reference as they enter their future.

Guest Minister Ted Shuttlesworth Jr.


Ted joins us for camp again this year and the teens truly enjoy Ted's unique way of bringing the Bible to life. 

Evangelist Ted Shuttlesworth Jr. has been preaching the Gospel for close to two decades and as a third-generation minister, the responsibility to reap this end-time harvest of souls has been ingrained in him since childhood. Ted has been privileged to preach the Gospel across the United States as well as other nations of the world with many creative miracles reported.



Camp is for teenagers ages 12-19, or have finished grades 6-12

Parents drop off their teens at Toah Nipi on Sunday between 2:00pm – 4:00pm and pick up teens at WOLCF on Thursday (Time TBA)


The total cost is $350.00

$50.00 deposit due May 20, 2018

The balance is due July 1st

Cost includes lodging, meals, snacks, camp activities, and t-shirts

Make checks payable to WOLCF with TEEN CAMP in the memo line and turn into Glen or Denise, or mail to WOLCF

You can also give using the "DONATE" button at the bottom of this website. In the memo line, note that the payment is for Teen Camp.




Note: Toah Nipi is located in a rural setting.  The Retreat and Training Center is just one mile off highway 119 and we highly recommend first-time guests arrive via a route which leads to 119.  GPS and Mapquest typically direct drivers to Toah Nipi via backroads through Ashburnham, MA.  If you are adventurous and don't mind driving unmarked and dark roads near your journey's end, you may do fine not arriving via 119.  If you (leave our 252 address off and) input Old Ashburnham Road, Rindge NH03461 in your GPS you will likely be directed via 119.  One last word of advice:  Arrive at Toah Nipi via 119.

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