Our Heart for Youth

Glen & Denise    Karam

Glen & Denise


Revolt has come out of a heart that says I choose the kingdom over any other option. Revival isn't God's 5 year installment of hope and excitement to keep the church going. A lifestyle of worship, prayer, and power bring a culture of the kingdom, which is His glory, and will set a revival in the hearts of men and woman. Revival is selfless, it has the heart that is so committed to God's heart that when other options come to distract it has nothing left to give. We have a real heart for our community and want to see youth come and experience true

love, true power, and true acceptance from their Father in heaven who loves them. Sharing the Father's perfect love and grace with the world is the key to turning a city, state, and nation. Our desire is to lead people to an encounter with the father where they can experience His power and put an end to religious debate!

About Us

 Our heart has always been for families, whether it is marriage mentoring or working with teenagers, we want to see families living for God. We started working in the teen ministry in 2006 and have been active in teen camps and teen ministry ever since.  Glen owns his own IT consulting business while Denise helps with the business accounting and homeschooling their three children,  two of which have already graduated and are also involved in the teen ministry. We have seen the Father work mightily in our family and have experienced His love and healing in many ways throughout the years.  It is our heart that others will experience these gifts from the Father for themselves.  We want to see teenagers have an encounter with the Father which they share with their friends and community.