#1 GIVEN ON JANUARY 17, 2003

“Glory to God.  Tom Peetz, praise God.  The Holy Ghost….come here.

Just as my eyes skirted across you I saw in the Spirit an explosion of anointing.  An explosion of the Holy Ghost to go into ancient places, where God’s tracks have not been in a long, long time.  All over New England, all over the northeastern part of this United States, with, with such a flow of miracles.  There are going to be people crying for God that haven’t cried out for God for 300 years.

I saw it man, I saw it like a gusher, just blowing out all of a sudden and it came out of you, it came out of you.

Hallelujah to God, blessed be God, blessed by God, hallelujah to God.  Rivers of living water.”



“There is coming a move in the area where you guys pastor, Brother Peetz.  And that area is like a garden, and all this time you, the Holy Ghost, and your church congregation have been working that soil, and it was dry, oh, such dry, hard soil to work.

But you have been obedient, you’ve followed what the Spirit of God has said, and the soil is ready.

There is coming a flowering up out of your church, and the seeds will hit that soil, and there is coming a move of God in that whole area around you, larger than you thought.

And it is going to be an unprecedented move of God in that area, it has never seen anything like it before, and it’s going to be exactly the way God told you it would be.

And the time is now.”